I am rarely happier than when spending an entire day programming my computer to perform automatically a task that it would otherwise take me a good ten seconds to do by hand.

—Douglas Adams, "Last Chance To See".

Editline Library (libedit)
Editline command line editor library.
Dynamically change xterm properties like colors and title, etc..
Apple Push Notification
Test Apple push notification using an APNs Auth Key.
Git Registry
git-registry is a SSH server in a Docker container, managing a collection of bare git repositories.
Synology Let's Encrypt
Maintain a Let's Encrypt certificate using the DNS-01 challenge on Synology NAS.
Github Latest Release
github-latest-release is a helper script to fetch the latest release package from a Github repository.
Latex equation editor producing math equations for use on web pages.
Tomcat Manager Shell
Shell client of Tomcat's Manager App's text interface.
Base64URL Codec
Base64URL encoding and decoding without padding.
Keycloak Debug Client
Keycloak client that print tokens, user info, and user profile.
Keycloak curl Authorization Code Flow login
Keycloak curl Authorization Code Flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) login.
Keycloak database in H2 Console
Connect to Keycloak's default database with the H2 Console.
Systemd locale
systemd: timezone, ntp, locale, 24 hour clock.
Full screen countdown timer and stopwatch.
Client-side only markdown editor with vim key bindings.
Simple daily notes.
Root Certification Authority
Create a Root Certificate and use it to sign any needed End-Entity Certificates.
Kerberos Authentication on macOS
Kerberos krb5.conf setup on macOS and the undocumented kinit --keychain argument.
Top Configuration
Key press sequence for personal configuration of the top utility
Web proxy control for macOS
Control web proxy preferences on macOS with proxyctl.
iOS Packet Capture
A little python wrapper of the rvictl tool.
Git-completion and git-prompt in tcsh
How I set up git-completion and git-prompt in tcsh.
Bash directory bookmark/browsing script.
Modern Bash on OS X
Install a modern Bash and speed up startup.
Five Card Trick
Fitch Cheney's Five Card Trick.
XKCD Widget
OS X Dashboard webcomic widget.
Danmarks Radio netradio and TV player.
CentOS Parallels VM
Unattended install of minimal CentOS server in Parallels VM.
Download and build OpenSSL for iOS.
Apache mod_rewrite rules for Pack200 content negotiation.
Collection of Linux StofaNet® sign-on scripts.
NcFTP client patch implementing remote file editing.
DynDNS IP update script.
Simple mail biff.
INSIDE MACINTOSH: Interapplication Communication
Apple book.
Inside COM+: Base Services
Microsoft book.