I wrote this script back when I first started learning Perl. The application is of limited use, but I keep it online just in case anybody might find it useful to view the code, when they themselves are trying to learn the wonders of Perl.

Checkmail is a simple mail biff written i Perl. It transparently monitors a single POP3 account, and only bothers you if you have any new mail. Checkmail has GUI configuration, and supports APOP authorization.

checkmail maindialog

This is the main pop-up menu that announces new mail in your mailbox. You will now have to decide if you want to fire up your favorite mail client and read the exciting news just coming in press "yes", or if you want to ignore it press "no". No matter what you decide Checkmail will continue to do its work in the background.

checkmail setupdialog

This is the setup dialog which pop-up the first time you invoke Checkmail. The configuration of the mailbox entries are self explanatory, don't you agree? The mail client entry sets your preferred client to be launched when you want to receive and read your mail. The last entry should be the path to a sound file of your own choice, used for audio notification (optional). This dialog can always be reached with the command-line option " -setup ".