Laeqed - LaTeX equation editor

Laeqed (lā'kĕd') is a LaTeX equation editor specifically targeted at producing PNG images of math equations for use on web pages. It runs wherever Java and LaTeX runs, i.e. Linux, Windows, Mac...

Laeqed stores the LaTeX equation into the PNG image, so it can be reopened later for further editing.




This shows the Laeqed editor and preferences windows.

laeqed screen-shot

System Requirements

Laeqed requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of version 5.0 or later, a LaTeX system and the dvipng program.

On Linux (Debian) the requirements can be met by running:

$ apt-get install sun-java6-jre texlive dvipng

On Windows, get the latest JRE from, and MiKTeX which provides both the LaTeX system and the dvipng program.

PNG Meta Data

The LaTeX equation, preamble, postamble and dvipng options are saved in the PNG as metadata. This means that you can reopen any equation created by Laeqed and edit it if necessary.

Here is a listing of the metadata saved with the metric equation seen in the above screenshot:

$ pngmeta --all metric.png
pngmeta: PNG metadata for metric.png:
image-format: PNG
image-colors: 8
image-width: 343
image-height: 42
image-type: Palette, non-interlaced
LaeqedPreamble: \documentclass{article}
\usepackage{mathptmx}% Times Roman font
LaeqedPostamble: \end{displaymath}

LaeqedDvipngOptions: -T tight -x 1200 -z 9 -bg Transparent
LaeqedEquation: \text{d}s^2 = \text{d}t^2 - a^2(t) \left[
\frac{\text{d}r^2}{1 - kr^2} + r^2 \Bigl(
\text{d}\theta^2 + \sin^2 \theta \text{d}\phi^2 \Bigr) \right]

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2011-01-19  Jess Thrysoee

   * version-info: 1.2

   * all: Change license to MIT

   * all: Add experimental Drag'n'drop

2006-11-16  Jess Thrysoee

   * version-info: 1.1

   *,, PNGMetaDateC: call close()/dispose() on
   readers and writers to free resources. On Windows saved PNG files was locked
   until Laeqed was exited. Patch by Amit Jain.

2006-10-31  Jess Thrysoee

   * version-info: 1.0

   * all: Initial package.